Propane Education & Research Council
1140 Connecticut Ave. NW
Suite 1075
Washington, DC 20036

The mission of the Propane Education & Research Council is to promote the safe and efficient use of odorized propane gas. It accomplishes this through wide-ranging programs that support safety, training, and the development and commercialization of promising propane technologies.

Propane is a product of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. The U.S. is currently producing enough propane to outpace domestic demand. Because liquefied propane is inherently portable, it’s easily distributed across the country.

Propane delivers better comfort, efficiency, and performance than many other energy sources—including electricity—making it a great fit for homes. And, propane is nontoxic and won’t contaminate groundwater or soil. It’s an EPA-approved clean fuel and significantly cuts emissions compared with other energy sources making it an ideal choice for builders and homeowners looking to green their homes.

The Propane Energy Pod is a home energy package that delivers superior comfort and efficiency compared with all-electric homes. High-efficiency propane gas appliances for major applications—space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and fireplaces—combine for optimal energy performance unmatched by electric alternatives. The addition of a propane backup generator ensures continued performance when the power goes out.