Catch up on the latest information and happenings from across the green building industry with these resources compiled from the project team’s favorite sites and sources.

  • Creating Healthy Interiors

    Annette Stelmack offers guidelines for creating healthy home interiors. Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Wiley, from Sustainable Residential Interiors, 2nd Edition by Annette Stelmack, Associates Ill, Kari Foster, Debbie Hindman. Copyright © 2014. Download Sustainable Residential Interiors [pdf]

  • LEED for Homes

    Recognized the world over as the premier mark of achievement in green building, LEED certification helps buildings save money and resources while creating a healthier environment for occupants.

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage Guide

    Energy efficient mortgages allow homeowners to borrow extra money to pay for green upgrades to a new or existing home. Find out how to finance a high-performance home with this useful primer.

  • Green Building Advisor

    Find a variety of green building product lists, building tips, videos, and more.

  • Indoor Air Quality 101

    The EPA offers a basic overview of indoor air quality and the various factors that can impact it in your homes.


    This voluntary program helps homeowners save money and protect the environment through top-notch energy efficiency.

  • Healthy Homes

    Learn about how chemicals used in homes can impact occupants and their health through the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Environment and Health Program.

  • CO2 Emissions Calculator

    Calculate and offset your CO2 emissions with this empowering tool from Conservation International.

  • Waste Reduction Model

    Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions put off by the building materials you use and learn alternative waste management practices to reduce them.

  • Building Green from Principle to Practice

    This online resource will help guide building pros through the green building process.

  • NRDC Green Building Resources

    Access green building resources, information, and tips from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • Global Green Building Resource Center

    Find free design advice and green building strategies from this resource created in partnership between Global Green USA and the City of Santa Monica.

  • Indoor airPLUS

    Help protect your homes from indoor air pollution and differentiate yourself from the competition with the EPA’s indoor air quality program.

  • WELL Building Standard

    The WELL Building Standard offers a roadmap to designing and building homes that enhance the health and well-being of occupants.

  • Cradle to Cradle Certified Products

    Ensure the products you use meet the highest level of sustainability in the industry.

  • Enterprise Green Communities

    This non-profit organization helps developers, investors, and builders make the transition to a green future for affordable housing.

  • WaterSense

    Learn about the EPA’s WaterSense program and what you can do to make the most of every drop.

  • BuildingGreen

    BuildingGreen Inc. is an independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals improve the environmental performance of buildings and reduce their adverse impacts.

  • Energy and Environmental Building Alliance

    Access an array of educational resources on sustainable and responsible building principles.

  • Building Research Information Knowledgebase

    This interactive portal offers access to peer-reviewed research and case studies covering a wide range of topics on high-performance building.

  • Southface

    The Southface team of building scientists, engineers, architects, urban planners, and policy experts can assist building design and construction pros with improving performance and formulating policies and approaches to optimize your project’s ongoing performance and operational costs.

  • Make It Right in New Orleans

    Catch a glimpse of the vibrant community Make It Right is helping to rebuild in the Lower 9th Ward.

  • LEED Certification 101

    Find out what is involved during each stage of the LEED for Homes certification process.

  • How Sustainable Products Can Change the World

    The Cradle to Cradle designation helps businesses and consumers find products that are helping to create a better world and a better life for everyone in it.

  • Benefits of a LEED-Certified Home

    Brush up on the basics of the LEED for Homes program and hear from homeowners about what it’s like to live in a LEED-certified home.